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The Benefits of Turfgrass

At a time when global warming, air pollution, and carbon omissions are making worldwide news, it is important to take a closer look at turf grass and the many benefits it has to offer. Most people take grass for granted, never thinking about the environmental, community, human health, and economic benefits it offers.

Dr. James Beard, Professor Emeritus of Texas A & M University and a leading authority of turfgrass, has often stated, "the environmental benefits of turfgrass are the most sensible and economical feasible approach to countering the greenhouse effect in urban areas."

Just how important is turf grass as it relates to the world around us? The benefits we derive from turf grass or considerable. Turf grasses act as carbon sinks that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while providing clean oxygen in return. A recent study has suggested that lawns actually store four times the carbon omissions of the lawnmowers used to maintain them.

Lawns also decrease the urban heat island effect and reduce the need for air conditioning in the summer – which reduces the use of fossil fuels and water. Turf grass lawns provide erosion control, keeping surface waters clean by decreasing run-off, and helping to purify water before it reaches aquifers. It has been scientifically proven that installation of well–maintained turf grass lawns around freshwater sources are better at keeping contaminants out of the water compared to re-established native prairie mixes.


Environmental Benefits

  • Cools the air

  • Produces oxygen

  • Filters air & reduces pollution

  • Captures & suppresses dust

  • Recharges & filters groundwater supply

  • Reduces storm water run-off

  • Controls soil erosion

  • Sequesters and retains carbon

  • Assists decomposition of pollutants

  • Restores soil quality


Community & Human Benefits

  • Enhances community pride and social harmony

  • Offers a natural playing surface for recreation

  • Provides a safe surface and reduces injuries

  • Promotes outdoor activity and exercise

  • Improves physical and mental health

  • Relieves stress

  • Lowers allergy related problems

  • Dissipates heat and cools the environment

  • Reduces glare

Installation of Turfgrass Sod in NY
Turf Grass Sod Delivery in New York
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